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Chris Loyn Penarth Garden Grabber

Garden Grabbing application by Chris Loyn  21, Victoria Road, Penarth -

PlanningApplication Details for : 2015/01357/CAC
For a monstrosity of a new 2 Storey building over TWO back gardens in a residential lane behind Victoria Road next to a listed property in a conservation area.
thanks to the article by Penarth Daily News on PENARTH CLLRS SUPPORT BACK-ALLEY HOUSE SCHEME – WITH STRINGS ATTACHED Chairman Labour Cllr Neil Thomas said “In terms of our duties we come across many people and I think if we had to declare an interest every time we come across someone we know it would make the business of this council impossible. I don’t think it is an issue here”.    

Chris Loyn Design & Access Statement doesn't address issues such as: analysis of the character of the locality, explanation of how the scheme has been designed to respond to that character, consideration of how the proposal complements and respects the character of the street and block, is the development likely to cause unacceptable harm to the amenity of neighbouring residents, are access and parking arrangements adequate and appropriate and so on. Flowery architect language masks the reality of this modern ugly infill. Examples of his modern brutalist design are shown - but there's no place for this in Penarth's conservation area amidst listed properties [If near a Listed Building, adverse effect of the development on the setting of the Listed Building]

Chris Loyn claims "the Access to and from the site via the lane will remain broadly as existing with no material change arising in the way the lane operates as a consequence of introducing a new dwelling. At present it is used by both vehicles and pedestrians." 
However, only the initial section from Victorial Road (side of the Baptist Hall) is regulary used as access to flats, this being a wider section straight off the road. Loyn would change a twisted back lane with sheds/garages hardly-used for vehicles into a highway for service vehicles.
There's no footpath.  How are fire engines or ambulances or delivery lorries and vans to access? How's rubbish and recycling collected?  Loyn's disabled relative needs 24/7 health-service carers, likely to park in the narrow lane as the limited space adjacent is taken by the personal car. 
 Presently the lane is used by pedestrians and cyclists - a useful cut-through, but with corners limiting visibility.  Labour Cllrs supposed to favour active travel omitted to mention them and demand a pavement or safety measures.  
[• The development would adversely affect highway safety or the convenience of road users] 
The introduction of traffic to a quiet lane, not a highway, in a conservation area will substantially detract NOT enhance the particular character of the locality or and specifically WILL NOT respond to the context of the lane, but architect Loyn is silent.

Further garden and infill development would cause harm to the character of the area. Yet Chris Loyn claims 1. PRECEDENT. Refer to the photographs included in this document. There are numerous cases where dwellings exist along rear lanes.Yes there are Chris Loyn, and your huge monstrosity is what is called a unwanted negative factor in the Penarth Conservation Area Appraisal and Management PlanJuly 2011 - "Unsympathetic modern development: there are several infill developments built prior to conservation area designation, which SERIOUSLY IMPAIR the character of the area, having no relationship in style, materials or scale to the adjacent traditional buildings."     

And Chris Loyn has helpfully provided some photos of these aberrations  
From Penarth Conservation Area Appraisal and Management PlanJuly 2011 
To the south along Victoria Road the streetscene lacks the imposing qualities of the Square but is greatly enhanced by several Grade II listed buildings. These are Nos. 20 and 22 Victoria Road, a pair of semi-detached houses designed in an “Arts and Crafts” style circa. 1892 by Coates-Carter

An area of particular significance is concentrated at the junction of Archer Road and Victoria Road. These include the large houses at Nos. 25 Victoria Road and 24 Archer Road, Grade II listed buildings built out of red brick with contrasting black and white timber detailing. The Victorian houses 14 – 22 (evens), 23, 24 – 30 (evens) are also listed.

Being in a conservation area, Chris Loyn's 21 Victora Road is under an 'Article 4' direction that further controls alterations and extensions to dwellinghouses. The objective of these controls is to "provide for the preservation and enhancement of the special character of the conservation areas. The intention is not to stifle change, but to provide for the positive management of these unique areas".  

Chris Loyn has secured improvements for disabled access, but remains discreet about operating his business from the house.  He does not explain that moving out his disabled relative will allow expansion of his business offices in the property.


Infill from decades ago proves what we now acknowledge - that allowing infill/garden grabbing  is severely detrimental to our conservation areas. "The Bungalow" (right picture) on Rectory Lane is perhaps the worst example, in materials and design. This 'Lane' is wide and has had to have double-yellows to stop parking; it's quite straight and does permit vehicles and cyclists to pass (unlike Loyn's lane).  Cllr Mark Wilson said  that when members had walked around the area they had seen lots of developments which had given a better context  and insight. He said that “in terms of what’s around it I don’t think it’s an incongruous development” and said he would like to support the application.   So easily does his impressions to over-ride the Conservation Area framework.
Chris Loyn indicates the materials he might use - more reminiscent
of an allotment than a conservation area  
Architect Chris Loyn's landscaping doesn't inspire confidence  

Rear of Loyn's garden, with 'garage' to change into a house and unused dilapidated gate.
What a surprise! Award-winning architect Chris Loyn runs his business from such a neglected property in a conservation area, yet waxes lyrical about landscaping!  

With the conditional support of  Penarth Town Council,  the application will now go the Vale of Glamorgan Council planning committee which will make the final decision.

Chris Loyn, president of the Penarth Civic Society, so handy to circumvent criticism of development contrary to the Society's constitution and ethos for urban conservation in Penarth.

With Cllr Mark Wilson and his partner on the Vale Planning committee, are they now opening the floodgates to back-garden building - destroying the Penarth that its conservation area was set up to protect.   
PS We haven't checked the measurements for Amenity_Standards yet...

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Draft for Approval to be discussed at full council meeting 14 april
Description: Council
Location: Council Chamber, City Hall
Date: 14/04/2011
Start: 04:30 PM

Is this Sustainable???

Given recent flash flooding in Cardiff...

Run off - only mention here ...
3.5 CFSH and BREEAM standards not only encompass the sustainability of the
building fabric itself but also other aspects relevant to the site. Credits that are available to meet CFSH standards include matters such as the management
of surface water run-off, lifetime homes, ecology, and waste storage.
Development will also be subject to local and national policies on avoiding
unnecessary flood risk (see TAN 15).

Did you know run-off from paved surfaces is about 16 greater than that of a grassed meadow/garden?
Suggest you learn from best flash flooding a problem in Cardiff

In York ....
New driveways or parking areas over five square metres will require planning permission if they are constructed using surfaces that do not allow the water to soak through the ground.

However permeable surfacing will still receive automatic permission. Surface water can be drained using permeable surfaces such as concrete block paving with gaps, porous asphalt or gravel, wheel track only paving or through installation of 'soak-away' systems.

If you would like an opinion from us as to whether permission is needed for your proposal,  please complete a Householder Enquiry Form. 

The retention of open soils and permeable surfaces
limits surface run-off and supports biodiversity
on site and should be utilised throughout the


Residential Design Guide Cardiff

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
This Supplementary Planning Guidance was approved by Cardiff Council on 13th March 2008. The guidance outlines design polices ...... removable paving or in shared service trenches. .... limits surface run-off and supports biodiversity ...

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Garden protection

Garden protection
Labour backbencher Andrew Dismore MP’s Bill to protect gardens and urban green spaces has had its first reading in the Commons. The Land Use (Gardens Protection etc) Bill is due its second reading in February.
Access the Bill
Access the Bill’s research paper [PDF]

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Save our parks from Cllr Howells

During late Summer/early Autumn of 2007, 8,500 people signed a petition opposing the development of a school on Rumney Recreation Ground. This was the largest petition the Council had ever received. But still Cardiff Council ignored it. Parks are not safe with Cllr Howells. He continues to persit with a plan to put a 4 metre wide road with 2 metre 1in5 slopes through Bute Park, for articulated lorries!

The Council's Proposal

During the summer of 2007 the Council announced its proposal to build a new Secondary High school on Rumney Recreation Ground. The school would also incorporate the current Eastern Leisure Centre. The closure of the two current schools would ensue - namely, Llanrumney High School and Rumney High School and the land would be sold off for developement. Both these schools are surrounded by large green, open spaces. The Rumney High School site, in particular, holds commanding views across the Bristol Channel, which is considered to be prime land for housing development. The council claim that the capital receipts from the sale of the two school sites would raise capital to develop the new build school and refurbish the leisure centre.

However, local people quickly realised that if this particular proposal in its present form were to continue unopposed and Cardiff City Council were to proceed with this plan, then this would amount to the Council conducting nothing more than a land grab - not only selling off two prime school sites but also proposing to build a new school on our beloved RUMNEY/LLANRUMNEY RECREATION GROUND. It is not the building of a new school, or the amalgamation of the two schools which residents are opposed to, but WHERE the Council want to build the new school that has become the “bone of contention”. The local communities were outraged that the Council appear to be land grabbing and are, in essence, also asset stripping our community for fiscal gain. Rumney Recreation Ground has been an inherent part of our community for generations and, as far as the local communities are concerned, it is not negotiable. More information here

And BUTE PARK here

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Congrats to Pantmawr Action Group

Cllr Jayne Cowan, and Adrian Robson and Brian on the terrific news on Pantmawr appeal

“We would like to congratulate the Pantmawr Action Group and all the local residents who support the Inn through the whole planning process. It was a very thorough appeal hearing which considered many issues and we are delighted with the Inspector’s decision to dismiss the appeal against the Council’s original rejection.

The Pantmawr Inn is the only real community facility in Pantmawr. If it had gone then a great void would have been left on the estate and we were pleased to see that the Planning Inspector concluded that the permanent loss of the pub would be against national policy.

“We have seen a really strong campaign to protect the pub and if there is a new application then we are sure that the Action Group will fight to ensure the Pantmawr Inn remains”.

You can contact Jayne:,

The Inspectors report is attached! Pantmawr Action Group